BCG Pension Risk Consultants recognizes the administrative burden the plan termination election process can have on you as a plan sponsor.  BCG offers a wide range of fulfillment services through our 5 Step Process that make your involvement less stressful while still accomplishing your fulfillment needs.

BCG’s Five Step Process

  • Define – The group of participants are defined.  Who should be offered a lump sum?
  • Populate – Pre-Election Announcement Letter and election package to all participants explaining termination and benefits, course of action and a web portal to view information.
  • Distribute – Forms are populated with personal data & options and mailed to participants while a reminder letter is sent after 14 days reminding participants of expiration date.
  • Review – Election forms are collected and viewed to ensure they are In Good Order “IGO”.  Forms Not In Good Order “NIGO” are sent back to participants with a letter and an immediate call so they can be corrected.  All required information from election forms are extracted for annuity placement or lump sum distributions.
  • Guide – Our trained professional help guide and direct your participants through the entire process with a call center as well as outbound calls to ensure the receipt and answer any questions.

We Can Help You With

  • Fiduciary Protection
  • Cost Savings
  • Project Management
  • Live Call Centers
  • Outbound Calls
  • Reminder Postcards
  • Participant and Plan Sponser Website
  • Answer Participant's Questions
  • Informed Decisions
  • Independent Investment Advice